Custom Stencil Order Info

Welcome to the custom vinyl stencil inquiry page. Here at OverSpray we strive in providing the best customer service and quality products for all artists! (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.)

Please keep in mind that custom stencil work is exactly that, custom, and the file must be designed by our in house artist to be as crisp and perfect as possible. When inquiring about custom stencils there will be design charge which will vary on the artwork. When providing images please send high quality images for us to work with.
Pricing varies on Custom Stencils from $15 and up depending on size, detail / intricacy and artwork. 
Custom stencil turnaround time will range from 3-6 days from time of payment after we have confirmed and agreed on the job.
Please email us with detailed info about what you want done as well as images and size dimensions for a fast and easy response!


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